Wednesday 3 August 2011

Restructuring MeeGo : Executive Summary

Whilst the MeeGo Project has the potential to be incredibly beneficial to the linux device market it can and must do more to fulfill that aspiration.

MeeGo is in danger of becoming "Yet Another Linux Distro". As with any venture; in order to succeed MeeGo must first identify and focus on satisfying its customers.

Identification is not too hard : organisations involved in building devices based on MeeGo.

Satisfying them is harder : these organisations are not your typical linux hackers, nor are they linux-friendly IT teams. They are software product delivery professionals. They care about more than just the source that comes out of MeeGo - they care about managing their build and delivery environments. The last thing these people want is to re-invent the wheel; they are under pressure and need as much help as they can get - automation, QA, progress reporting, minimising overhead and cookie-cutter deployments.

Delivering a repo full of packages is a great start but it's not enough .. not by a long shot.

This is the first in a series of few articles that make some concrete proposals.

(Thanks to the community people who've helped review this : I'll put the text onto the MeeGo wiki for further comment and editing).

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