Wednesday 3 August 2011

MeeGo: Systems and Processes

Vendors need much more than lots of source code and a toolchain: they need clarity, consistency, guidance, processes and systems.

Whilst we've looked at clarity at the package level there are a lot more areas where guidance would be welcome; setting up an end-to-end delivery system with various organisational units is a daunting task.

MeeGo has knowledge in this area and can - and should - be delivering more of what device manufacturers (and those in the ecosystem around them) need to prepare themselves to make these MeeGo based products.

Whilst relatively straightforward, probably the most valuable initial delivery would be a consistent set of terminology. This will establish a baseline for communication and improve comprehension of the entities in the MeeGo world and how they relate to previous experiences.

We already provide and suggest some systems: OBS, OTS, BOSS, Bugzilla, IMG, GIT, REVS - the next step is to suggest how these are deployed and configured. This would improve deployment speed and reduce "time to productivity".

Following on from this we can provide information to support sizing estimates for various aspects of the deployment; from build and test systems to training.

Finally we can outline proven approaches to integration; handling code flows from GIT to OBS; bug handling strategies; managing daily and weekly snapshots; MeeGo synchronisation schedules.

This area is likely to be seen as the domain of SIs - however MeeGo will benefit from establishing a reasonably consistent approach across the board; having a 'preferred' deployment/integration solution will reduce variation and hence support costs (both to MeeGo and upstream tools like the OBS); confusion is less likely to arise from mismatched expectations; Vendors and SIs will be able to interoperate more easily;

  • Support the MINT (MeeGo Integration Tools) project
  • Deliver a Vendor Manual
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