Wednesday 3 August 2011

MeeGo Core : focus

MeeGo does deliver a great set of packages which experienced teams can use as an excellent baseline for building product.

What is not needed is yet another general purpose linux distro where each vendor has to interpret the structure and determine for themselves exactly which packages belong where.

Instead we should be clear about what packages the MeeGo project delivers : A tight baseline which can be relied on when delivering a commercial product.

When approaching MeeGo it is not at all clear what is required for compliance and what is part of the sample distribution that vendors are expected to either replace or significantly change.

I suggest MeeGo package areas are clarified and redefined and that interfaces between them (especially reference projects) are made more explicit.

In particular MeeGo should offer a Core which provides a minimal set of packages - enough to build a compliant product. The processes used in Core must obviously be appropriate for MeeGo development - but they *must* also be appropriate for customers too. Around the Core MeeGo will have a number of associated projects forming a well-defined structure around a "bullseye" and not a fuzzy melting pot. These are very much part of the MeeGo project but may only be loosely tied to the release schedule of Core.

Tasks :
  • rip out what's not neeeded from Core
  • create UX and Tools projects
  • create an open MeeGo distro built on these projects

  • Smaller groups are easier to manage
  • Permits properly exploring the vendor:MeeGo relationship at the
    operational level
  • Much easier for alternative 'reference' solutions to take root
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