Wednesday 3 August 2011

MeeGo : Infrastructure

As mentioned, we want MeeGo projects to use and validate the interfaces and procedures we expect our customers to use. To support this we should provide an operating environment to enable that goal.

An accident of history means the infrastructure we use is already set up in a way that would allow us to replicate some aspects of a vendor's view of MeeGo; we should take advantage of this and as well as clarifying the organisational lines between projects we should strive to replicate the technical interfaces too.

In order to support this new project setup I propose we *don't* change our infrastructure in any significant way.

One key objective (IMO) is to help vendors deliver MeeGo products. This means ensuring that when they deploy systems like OBS, OTS, Bugzilla, BOSS, REVS and others they can get up and running quickly. It also means that they should be able to interoperate smoothly with the MeeGo projects identified above.

We have 2 OBS deployments - we should expand this to include additional systems such as Bugzilla and we should live through the "remote system" issues we expect customers to face.

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