Monday 21 September 2009

Want to PUSH... need a kickstart?

So one problem with the PUSH is that it's a bit tough for us software nerds to get into the real world. What would be cool is a nice easy "apt-get install HARDWARE" ... interested? read on...

A few years ago I bought a couple of these boards for about £25.

They provide:
  • 5 digital input channels
  • 8 digital output channels
  • 2 analogue inputs
  • 2 analogue outputs (8 bit resolution)
You can also have up to 4 of these plugged in via a usb hub.

So, I thought... how hard can it be... and actually it is quite easy. The source is on sourceforge and I'm packaging it so you can pull libvelleman from garage, plug in a board and PUSH :)

As you can see the test program implements K.I.T.T. for you...

So now all we need is someone with an N900 to help me test it...

(Warning: Don't get your hopes up - it appears that the N900 can't (yet?) act as a normal USB host; so no plugging in printers....)


  1. I get a very warm feeling when I see this card as I own one.

    I also created such a card ones by hand

  2. I have a N900, how can i help you ?

  3. Thanks pedro; I have an N900 too now. Sadly we don't have USB host mode working yet so this project is on hold for a while.