Friday, 4 September 2009

The Summit: Git/Gitorious - Untracked talks: consider adding them...

I proposed a talk at the summit on DVCS and git and it has not been accepted (or rejected) by the talk selection group. This isn't a complaint  :)     . . . . .   however I do worry that it might worth pushing ... what do you think? (Breaking news... sounds like there has been an acceptance - also it may make sense to do a BOF session after any presentations). I still would appreciate feedback - what' important to you?

This message is just to solicit opinions and hopefully will validate their decision. If it causes a rethink then that's fine too.

Heh - I could do without the extra work involved!!

I personally thing think that as a development community with git on garage and we should be making efforts to understand how best to use DVCS processes to collaborate.

Maybe it's just me but I see a lot of devs who are new to DVCS and very few community guidelines on how to use DVCS. Qt uses it but, as we've recently been discussing, it could be going better.

Frankly I don't care which 'good practice' I use - I can go out and find lots of them. But it strikes me that as a community we should at least say "hey, quite a few of us are using this approach - if you don't have any strong preferences then you can use it too"

So why now?

Well, real soon now (I hope) we're going to have 3 different versions to support.
  • Fremantle
  • Diablo
  • Mer
They'll each have different capabilities and some apps just won't care - they'll support Fremantle or Diablo and ignore the others. That's fine.
(Although being open-source you might find patches being sent in to add support for another flavour - how will you cope? Wouldn't you like some help in doing the boring stuff?)

Other apps will decide to embrace that diversity from the start.

So how do we (you) manage the build-variations (ie debian/* may well vary for each of them. Maybe ./configure too)? Do we use branches? How?

Now how do we manage adding features and back-porting simple bug fixes to the stable release whilst you work on that big new feature set.

How are contributions and teams handled?

It sounds horrendous - and it can be!

But actually this is all fairly simple stuff with DVCS once you have it explained and once you grok it - but it's bloody hard to figure out from scratch and it's also very unlikely that you'll arrive at the same solution as another team.

Which means if you're a member of multiple teams you might find they each have different approaches - "whoo hoo!" - not!

So anyway... I thought a talk would be a good idea.

Now at the time no-one had volunteered so I did - some of you may have noticed my name at the bottom of:
(yes, I'm proud of that contribution)

Now you may think that qualifies me to offer this talk - you'd be wrong ;)

I was hanging around the kernel lists at the time, got interested and acted as an 'editor' pulling together words of wisdom. Since then I've used git a little but it wasn't until we started to need it in Mer that I reviewed the state-of-play and tried to pull in other people's good ideas - so that's what I'd use as a base.

However we also have Johan Sørensen who wrote - I think having him speak on using git and gitorious would be an opportunity that we shouldn't miss.

Equally there must be developers in Nokia/Trolltech who could say "we know this stuff and this is how we think you might want to do it."

So... speak now...

PS If anyone fancies collaborating and doing a multi-person presentation then I'm up for it.

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  1. Yup, we here at Qt Development Frameworks (still getting used to the new name...) are quite happy with Git. And having the Gitorious authors walking around in the office while improving the website does help.

    I don't know what Maemo's needs for DVCS will be. I just happened to stumble upon your blog today :-)

    But we've got a lot of experience to share. Just talk to us.